The Adventures of Sophie Kitty

BOOK 1: Sophie Finds a Family 

This is the story of how a sweet, shy kitten found two children and decided they would be her new family.

Read along with Sammy and Macy as they tell the story of finding a little lost kitten, naming her, loving her, and making her part of their (or rather, becoming her own) family.





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      and for readers of all ages…

Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series

In the small town of Abbott Creek, mystery is as much a part of daily life as The Sweet Shop’s sugar cookies.


Blueberry Cupcake Mystery Front Cover N   Christmas Cookie Mystery Front Cover B   Lemon Tart Mystery Front Cover B      


Blueberry Cupcake Mystery released in Spring of 2016 to rave reviews.  Christmas Cookie Mystery released just in time for the Holiday season in 2016.  Readers are already devouring Lemon Tart Mystery; which just released this summer. Pumpkin Pie Mystery arrives just in time for the holiday and Naomi is hard at work on the next book in her Sweet Shop Mystery series: Chocolate Truffle Mystery.

Keep watching here for news and updates about this series . . . and more!







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