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I’ve had better days…

We packed the van last week and were on the road Saturday morning at 8:00 this morning for a back-to-school book event starting at 10am.

We arrived at 8:30 (as requested)… to find a locked building. After 30 minutes, vendors began leaving. At 9:30 there were only two vendors left (including us). We all agreed to wait 30 more minutes.

A third vendor arrived and we were all assured that we could get into the building by 10am.

At 10:00 the doors were unlocked. We set up 3 tables and waited — in a room with no A/C — for customers. Then we were told that the event would not end at 3pm, but that we had to be packed up and gone by 2pm because another event was booked for the afternoon.

A fourth vendor arrived a few minutes later.

At 11:00 a couple came in, looked around, and left. At 11:30 a lady with 3 children came in, checked out the vendor tables and left.

At 11:45 I discovered the bathroom didn’t work. We began packing up our books and swag. The vendor beside us began packing up, too. The other two vendors were still there when we left.

If life is a learning process, I learned a lesson or two from that event.

Thankfully events like this are rare…


God bless!


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