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Stranger than fiction!

  What, might you ask, is stranger than fiction? Last Tuesday was the release date for Christmas Cookie Mystery, the second book in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series. Nothing strange about that, you say? It’s coming — just keep reading.   What, might you ask, is stranger than fiction – today on Naomi Miller’s… Continue reading Stranger than fiction!

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Christian Fiction’s December New Releases

Originally posted on Mikal Dawn:
It’s that time again! I’m soooo super excited for this month’s new releases!! So without further ado, here they are! More in-depth descriptions of these books can be found on the ACFW Fiction Finder website. Contemporary Romance: Bella Natale! by Marianne Evans — An aspiring American artist and the widowed,…

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Christmas Cookie Mystery — pre-order today!

    Christmas is on its way and Christmas Cookie Mystery is ready for pre-order! Where does the time go?   COMING November 22, 2016! Christmas Cookie Mystery is available on pre-order on the following sites:     Order your copy now… don’t wait (purchase price could go up after release date)! ~ Naomi  … Continue reading Christmas Cookie Mystery — pre-order today!

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My 1st Award !!!

I’ve been nominated for an award! Blueberry Cupcake Mystery has been nominated for a 2016 Summer Indie Book Award in the mystery book category! Woohoo!!! Even if I don’t win, it’s an honor to find that people are loving this book . . . and it’s message of loyalty, respect, and faith in others. If… Continue reading My 1st Award !!!

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ACFW Pre-Conference “Get to know” the Author.

It’s almost that time again! The ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference is August 25th – 28th this year! You may have seen this recently on other author blogs. I know I have . . . and I decided to post one, too. Thank you to Laurie Tomlinson for such GREAT questions! Laurie had an awesome idea . . .… Continue reading ACFW Pre-Conference “Get to know” the Author.

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Blessings… or complaints!

  Lately, everywhere I’ve went, people are complaining about the weather… politics… health or family issues… jobs… whether they have one — or want one. For me, and my family, the biggest problem is the heat — and humidity. We do our best when the temperature is below 70… like so many of you. But I… Continue reading Blessings… or complaints!

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Pages in the Caves… are you going?

  I’m going to Cave City, Kentucky on September 24th! Are you going? It’s going to be an awesome day… and you’ll meet lots of new/favorite authors . . . plus it sounds like you’ll need a big tote bag for all the really cool swag! Here’s your chance to get in FREE to the… Continue reading Pages in the Caves… are you going?

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Pages in the Caves… giveaway

    I’m going to Cave City, Kentucky on September 24th! Do you live within driving distance? Would you want to meet up with 45 or more authors . . . buy your favorite books (autographed by your favorite authors) . . . and take home some really cool swag! Well . . . here’s… Continue reading Pages in the Caves… giveaway

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Celebrate Lit “Christmas In July”

    I was a guest on “Christmas In July” today — and I had the best time ever . . . making new friends, chatting with old and new friends, asking and answering questions. If you have time, check out the party… it’s still on — and will last until 7pm EDT. There’s still… Continue reading Celebrate Lit “Christmas In July”

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Great Smoky Mountains . . .

Happy news! I’m heading back to the Smoky Mountains… where the air is cleaner, cooler, and much improved over the city air we normally breathe. Next week is my daughter’s birthday, and she’s requesting a trip to the mountains. Although we’ll be going through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, we won’t be stopping until we reach… Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains . . .