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Blessings… or complaints!


Lately, everywhere I’ve went, people are complaining about the weather… politics… health or family issues… jobs… whether they have one — or want one. For me, and my family, the biggest problem is the heat — and humidity.

We do our best when the temperature is below 70… like so many of you. But I try not to complain — at least, I try to stop when I catch myself complaining. My complaints have no effect whatsoever on the temperature. But they have a lot of effect on my family!

So, whenever I find myself complaining, I distract myself. I think about author events and workshops and conferences scheduled during the next few weeks. I focus on them, and the friends I’ll get to see again, and the wealth of knowledge I’ll come away with.

And I remind myself that soon the days will grow shorter, the temperatures will begin dropping, the long walks will be more enjoyable, and the nights of warm cocoa and fuzzy socks!


My fuzzy socks are a blessing to me… a dear, sweet friend began blessing me last winter with soft, fuzzy socks in assorted colors. I can’t wait for cool nights, so I can begin wearing them again.

Do you have a favorite treat to look forward to when the season changes? I’d love to hear from my wonderful readers — if you’d care to share your thoughts…

In the meantime, take care — and God bless!

~ Naomi

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2 thoughts on “Blessings… or complaints!

  1. The choice is ours. We can either be a complainer or look for the blessings. I had rather look for the blessings too.


  2. Every day…we have choices. Life or Death? Blessings or Curses? Complain or Rejoice? It’s H*A*R*D to rejoice when things aren’t going your way, yet complaining comes so easily. I’ve had such a problem with this, the Lord gave me TWO songs about it. One is called “I Will Not Dwell” and the other Whatsoever Things, He gave it to me years later. Yes, I still had trouble dwelling on thoughts that were no good and often giving it voice. I have one of them uploaded so far at YouTube. I don’t play an instrument, or have a great voice, but I do have some great songs! 🙂 Click over for a listen 🙂 Hugs and Blessings!


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