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Family fun…

My family left early to attend a craft workshop… I stayed home to write. So far, I’ve done a load of laundry, washed dishes, caught up on social media and played with Sophie (the cat). I tried to write, but obviously I didn’t try hard enough. My family enjoyed the class so much they decided… Continue reading Family fun…

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Merry Christmas . . .

  Merry Christmas to all… Don’t stress over a perfect Christmas; be blessed with a personal Christmas, spent with family, friends, or if you’re alone. . . . . .remember you’re never really alone. Let the Peace of God bring you love, hope and joy for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless… Continue reading Merry Christmas . . .

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Stranger than fiction WINNERS announced!

It’s time to announce the winners of CHRISTMAS COOKIE MYSTERY.   Jean Ann Marlene Nancy   CONGRATULATIONS! I will be contacting you shortly to get your info so that I can send your prizes. ~ Naomi Blog © 2016 Naomi Miller   FYI — I’ve been told the price for the eBooks will go up… Continue reading Stranger than fiction WINNERS announced!

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Stranger than fiction!

  What, might you ask, is stranger than fiction? Last Tuesday was the release date for Christmas Cookie Mystery, the second book in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series. Nothing strange about that, you say? It’s coming — just keep reading.   What, might you ask, is stranger than fiction – today on Naomi Miller’s… Continue reading Stranger than fiction!

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My 1st Award !!!

I’ve been nominated for an award! Blueberry Cupcake Mystery has been nominated for a 2016 Summer Indie Book Award in the mystery book category! Woohoo!!! Even if I don’t win, it’s an honor to find that people are loving this book . . . and it’s message of loyalty, respect, and faith in others. If… Continue reading My 1st Award !!!

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Blessings… or complaints!

  Lately, everywhere I’ve went, people are complaining about the weather… politics… health or family issues… jobs… whether they have one — or want one. For me, and my family, the biggest problem is the heat — and humidity. We do our best when the temperature is below 70… like so many of you. But I… Continue reading Blessings… or complaints!

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Great Smoky Mountains . . .

Happy news! I’m heading back to the Smoky Mountains… where the air is cleaner, cooler, and much improved over the city air we normally breathe. Next week is my daughter’s birthday, and she’s requesting a trip to the mountains. Although we’ll be going through Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, we won’t be stopping until we reach… Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains . . .

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Blueberry Cupcake Mystery… forgiving grace!

    The latest review on Amazon (posted on July 1, 2016) for Blueberry Cupcake Mystery brought tears to my eyes! Not because the reader loved the story, although obviously they did, but because they got — and appreciated — the powerful message I was trying to send to readers . . . about grace and… Continue reading Blueberry Cupcake Mystery… forgiving grace!

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Blueberry Cupcake Mystery is a blessing!

    Today is Friday! YAY! Great day — right? Wrong. It just hasn’t been a great day . . . or even a good day. According to amazon, I’m a Best Selling Author! Wow! You would think that would make my day a great one — and it does help. But now my day… Continue reading Blueberry Cupcake Mystery is a blessing!