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First cover is done!




I loved collaborating with my designer on my very first cover…

Creating a new book cover is fun — but also a lot of hard work. I had no idea how many hours go into creating a cover. And it’s much, much more than just putting together pictures on a template. There are literally hundreds of layers on each cover.

I can’t reveal it yet, but I’m hoping that I get the “go-ahead” soon — and I’m hoping you love it as much as I do. This project is a “first attempt” for several reasons, but I’ll be sharing those reasons soon.

Well… maybe just a few hints would be okay to share (don’t rat me out)…


  1. It’s a series, with…
  2. plans for a dozen books, and…
  3. all the stories point toward one central theme, yet…
  4. each story has a different focal point.


I hope I’ve peaked your interest!

Now… back to the important part… the actual writing.  I admit, we’ve been so busy working on the cover… and business card designs, that I haven’t written much. So it’s time to get the words down on paper (or on my laptop screen). I’ll be back next week with an update — hopefully a great one!

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