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White Chocolate New Year. . .

  Good morning, friends! OK, I have decided what I want to write about in the next series… most of the first chapter is done and I sent it to my editor to get her opinion. I’ve gotten back some great feedback! Now it’s time to delve back into it and keep going.   Once… Continue reading White Chocolate New Year. . .

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Let Your Imagination Soar…

New Year’s Day has come and gone… and it’s time for school again. My daughter homeschools her children. Since I live with them, I offered to help. One of the reading comprehension assignments this week is to read a story, then put the sentences in the correct order. My granddaughter did the assignment, writing the… Continue reading Let Your Imagination Soar…

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Lemon Tart Mystery — pre-order today!

    Spring is here, the season of upheaval. Lemon Tart Mystery is on its way and the upheaval is not just in the story, it’s taking over life as we know it, but Lemon Tart is on the way. Praise God! COMING April 2016! Lemon Tart Mystery is available on pre-order on the following… Continue reading Lemon Tart Mystery — pre-order today!

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Christmas Cookie Mystery — pre-order today!

    Christmas is on its way and Christmas Cookie Mystery is ready for pre-order! Where does the time go?   COMING November 22, 2016! Christmas Cookie Mystery is available on pre-order on the following sites:     Order your copy now… don’t wait (purchase price could go up after release date)! ~ Naomi  … Continue reading Christmas Cookie Mystery — pre-order today!

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Next project is begun…

  You’ll be glad to know (I know I’m glad to know) that book two is on the runway! I’ve got ideas flowing and working diligently to finish up chapter one. Then I’m going to follow the same process that worked so well with book one . . . finish a chapter, send it off… Continue reading Next project is begun…

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    I want to share some very good news with all my readers — news I never expected to receive — especially since my book hasn’t released yet!   WOW!  Best Seller status… … I know it’s only one category, but according to Amazon’s spokesperson, Amazon considers Blueberry Cupcake Mystery to be one of… Continue reading BIG NEWS… BIG… HUGE!

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Blueberry Cupcake Mystery — pre-order today!

    Wow! Everything is moving along so quickly. Honestly, I keep forgetting to update my site — but the first draft is complete, the first edit is done, the 2nd edit is done, and it’s in the final stages now!   COMING MAY 31, 2016! Blueberry Cupcake Mystery is available on pre-order on the… Continue reading Blueberry Cupcake Mystery — pre-order today!

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First cover is here!

  I have the best cover designer! As far as I’m concerned, she can design ALL my covers! Here it is… the day we’ve been waiting for… And now… introducing…     Here are the hints I shared several weeks ago… It’s a series – Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries plans for a dozen books –… Continue reading First cover is here!