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Casey, Illinois — known as the small town with a big heart


Last week, A few weeks ago I wrote about joining author JC Morrows on her book tour! While on tour, Ms. Morrows and I made time for some sight-seeing. (My apologies for not posting promptly, but I’ve had some medical issues that kept me from doing much. I’m hopefully on the road to recovery now).

I shared with you some of the sights we visited in Casey, Illinois . . . a gigantic rocking chair, wind chimes, knitting needles and a crochet hook.

This week, I’m sharing a couple more gigantic items!

Pencil makes a big point in Casey . . . the writing is on the wall if you want your town to get on the write side of tourists and their dollars. This gigantic pencil can actually write a message — if you can find a giant to hold it. It’s 32 feet long and weighs 500 pounds.


TOUR 055b


…and here’s the mailbox to hold your giant letter!

This is no ordinary mailbox — this  happens to be a 36-foot-long mailbox that will automatically raise its giant flag whenever anyone posts a letter!


TOUR 090



Join me tomorrow for even BIGGER NEWS!



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