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Next project is begun…


You’ll be glad to know (I know I’m glad to know) that book two is on the runway! I’ve got ideas flowing and working diligently to finish up chapter one. Then I’m going to follow the same process that worked so well with book one . . . finish a chapter, send it off to my #1 beta reader/proofreader . . . and get going on the next chapter!

In case you haven’t seen the cover yet… TADA!  Here it is!


Christmas Cookie Mystery


If I put on my soft, fluffy socks, in preparation to write, I may have to turn down the A/C… but I love my fluffy socks!

In the meantime, here’s a sample of the book…


Katie Chupp felt a wee bit guilty as she climbed the ladder . . . would mamm and dat approve of what she was doing?

In all her seventeen years, Katie had never taken part in such an activity!



Now, back to writing!



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