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The good, the bad, and the ugly…

I have more than a few health issues… which I’m working on. One of these issues is Type 2 Diabetes.



The past few weeks my blood sugar has steadily crept up. A few days ago it passed 300 — and I felt miserable. Bad headaches were just a part of it and not conducive to writing. I realize many individuals have seen much higher readings, but I feel miserable when mine approaches 200 (double what it should be). The above picture shows the past 30 day average. . . the recent readings have made a huge difference.


Finally, after limiting my daily carbs to less than 40 per day over the weekend and on Monday, it dropped to 300 yesterday, and continued to drop. By this morning the reading was below 200. Yay!


I will continue to do extra monitoring until it’s back to my safe zone (around 100).

I appreciate your prayers. Thanks for sharing my day…



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