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I love Peach Cobbler Mystery!

Peach Cobbler Mystery is becoming one of my favorite books! This is actually the sixth book in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series. I’ve loved writing them — and I hope you love reading them. Now for some unexpected news!

This will be the last Amish Sweet Shop Mystery, at least for awhile. . .

. . .but don’t worry, I’ve already begun a new series — also set in Abbott Creek with Katie and Travis and their friends. I have no idea what the cover will be for the new series, but I’m hoping that it will be similar to the mystery series.

And. . . there may be more mysteries written in the future. For now, my publisher is excited to be releasing a new series. One thing I have been given permission to share is the release date for the first book in the new series. . .

I can’t share any more about it just yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long and I’ll have more info to share. In the meantime, I’m working on several projects, as well as putting together a schedule for the next few months — something I’ll share with you next time.

Thank you for your prayers. . . and for sharing my day…



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