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Life marches on. . . until your battery dies.

When my truck refused to start, the first thing we did was check the battery.

Let me just say it looks nothing like the picture above. That’s the one I bought to replace the one we found under the hood… honestly, it gave us great service for several years, but it definitely needed replacing. . . mostly because it was bulging at the sides. When the man replaced it for me, he agreed that I had made a wise choice to replace it.

Do you know how much truck batteries cost? OUCH. Yep, a lot.

But it’s a good investment and I’ll sleep better knowing the old battery is gone and won’t give me any more trouble.

If you’re coming to one of my events this year, you may see my truck in the parking lot. I love driving it and if I zoom past you on the highway, honk — and wave!

Now I must get back to my writing… Peach Cobbler Mystery will be available soon and now I’m writing on the first book in my new romance series.

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2 thoughts on “Life marches on. . . until your battery dies.

    1. I replaced 2 tires last year… 2 more need to be replaced this year before we travel out of state next month.


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