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White Chocolate New Year. . .


Good morning, friends!

OK, I have decided what I want to write about in the next series… most of the first chapter is done and I sent it to my editor to get her opinion.

I’ve gotten back some great feedback!

Now it’s time to delve back into it and keep going.


Once I put on my headphones, I’m reading to write!

In the meantime, here’s a sample of book six in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series…


At precisely twelve noon, Travis walked in the back door of the bakery, excited to start his adventure with Katie. He waved a hand to Mrs. O’Neal, who was standing with a young lady near the walk-in that he thought for a moment might be Bella, but her slim profile and strawberry hair told him it was not.

“Hi Mrs. O’Neal. Do you know if Katie is ready to go?”

Mrs. O’Neal smiled and the young woman with her turned, smiled at him, and then blushed. . .



Now, back to writing!



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