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First cover is here!


I have the best cover designer!

As far as I’m concerned, she can design ALL my covers!

Here it is… the day we’ve been waiting for…

And now… introducing…



Here are the hints I shared several weeks ago…

  1. It’s a series – Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries
  2. plans for a dozen books – oh, yeah.
  3. all the stories point toward one central theme
  4. each story has a different focal point


I really can’t say much more, or I might give away too much. But I hope you’ll watch for my books and when you read them – I hope you enjoy them!

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing… gotta get that first one done.

keep-calm-and-write-on 1

BLUEBERRY CUPCAKE MYSTERY… cover reveal for debut author Naomi Miller. – Tweet this!
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6 thoughts on “First cover is here!

  1. Beautiful cover! This avid reader of Amish genre is looking forward to reading Blueberry Cupcake Mystery and future books in Amish Sweet Shop Mysteries. I’m thrilled for you and that you released the cover. You have a keeper in your cover designer. God bless!


  2. I hope I did a good thing. I clicked Press This, thinking it would be advertized on my site. :)) I’m so very happy for you Naomi! I enjoy Amish just fine, but when you add suspense, you’ve got me wanting to read. If you ever need a second eye to your work, I’d like to have us consider exchanging manuscripts. That’s if you don’t have someone else doing this for you. I don’t right now, and within the next year, I’ll need a reader. But, you may be way too busy writing a dozen books. :)))


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