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Blueberry Cupcake Mystery — pre-order today!




Wow! Everything is moving along so quickly. Honestly, I keep forgetting to update my site — but the first draft is complete, the first edit is done, the 2nd edit is done, and it’s in the final stages now!


COMING MAY 31, 2016!

Blueberry Cupcake Mystery is available on pre-order on the following sites:

1 - Amazon Button for S&G 1 - Apple Button for S&G 1 - B&N Button for S&G 1 - Kobo Button for S&G


Order your copy now… don’t wait (purchase price could go up after release date)!

~ Naomi


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One thought on “Blueberry Cupcake Mystery — pre-order today!

  1. It’s amazing how fast the end result happens with a book. I now know this firsthand, and now so do you! I’m so very excited for you, Naomi! I can’t wait to read your book. Placing my order!


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