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Let Your Imagination Soar…

New Year’s Day has come and gone… and it’s time for school again.

My daughter homeschools her children. Since I live with them, I offered to help.

One of the reading comprehension assignments this week is to read a story, then put the sentences in the correct order.

My granddaughter did the assignment, writing the sentences in the correct order, but my grandson decided to have a bit of fun… he has an amazing imagination and loves to use it.

Here is his story…

Well, I tried SO many hats at the store, that I finally broke down and bought this one. It looked pathetic. So I glued flowers on, wrapped a ribbon around, and it looked a little better. I went to get the stapler, buuuut… I dropped it, stepped on it, and I had to start all over again, which was a crapfest. I tried it on, and threw up.

Just another normal day in the classroom at our house.

~ Naomi

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