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I love Peach Cobbler Mystery!

Peach Cobbler Mystery is becoming one of my favorite books! This is actually the sixth book in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series. I’ve loved writing them — and I hope you love reading them. Now for some unexpected news! This will be the last Amish Sweet Shop Mystery, at least for awhile. . .… Continue reading I love Peach Cobbler Mystery!

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Spring is coming…

  As far as winters go, here in East Tennessee it’s been pretty mild… so far. But that could change anytime!   I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if we got a snow or two; in the past we’ve had snow — even blizzards — in March. I wouldn’t mind one BIG snow before… Continue reading Spring is coming…

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What do you take for granted?

  This morning it was chilly in the house, so I turned on the heat. Then I put a load of laundry in the washer, fixed a bowl of cereal, and sat down to write. These are pretty normal activities… however, when I went to put the laundry into the dryer, I discovered it wasn’t… Continue reading What do you take for granted?

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The good, the bad, and the ugly…

I have more than a few health issues… which I’m working on. One of these issues is Type 2 Diabetes.     The past few weeks my blood sugar has steadily crept up. A few days ago it passed 300 — and I felt miserable. Bad headaches were just a part of it and not… Continue reading The good, the bad, and the ugly…

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Chocolate Truffle Mystery is here…

I’m very excited to share my newest story in the Amish Sweet Shop Mystery series! Chocolate Truffle Mystery  is on sale for 99c for only 1 more day! Be sure to get your copy at the special pre-order price. This has been one of the most fun stories to write… and in some ways, the most… Continue reading Chocolate Truffle Mystery is here…

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Let Your Imagination Soar…

New Year’s Day has come and gone… and it’s time for school again. My daughter homeschools her children. Since I live with them, I offered to help. One of the reading comprehension assignments this week is to read a story, then put the sentences in the correct order. My granddaughter did the assignment, writing the… Continue reading Let Your Imagination Soar…


Life of a writer… part 3

I didn’t plan to write until after I retired from my full-time job. . . but recently I’ve felt the need to get more involved. This month — a month earlier than I planned — I decided to take a more active part and begin writing blog posts and prepare a newsletter. So far, it’s been… Continue reading Life of a writer… part 3

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Life of a writer… part 2

  Thank you to all those who left comments and/or contacted me about my writing life… I especially enjoyed hearing from other writers who know how difficult it is to find time for everything, including time for promoting and social media. Petra asked how I work around my busy schedule and family activities… I find… Continue reading Life of a writer… part 2

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Lemon Tart Mystery — pre-order today!

    Spring is here, the season of upheaval. Lemon Tart Mystery is on its way and the upheaval is not just in the story, it’s taking over life as we know it, but Lemon Tart is on the way. Praise God! COMING April 2016! Lemon Tart Mystery is available on pre-order on the following… Continue reading Lemon Tart Mystery — pre-order today!